Terms & Condition

Leen conveys food orders from the customer (hereinafter “the customer”) to the customer-selected restaurant. Each restaurant has specific opening hours and offers different options in the form of pick-up and drop-off. When placing an order, each restaurant is responsible for treating it. Leen always tries to detect and warn of any malfunctions but is not responsible for delayed or missed delivery as a result of any technical problems.

Leen stores all the information specified when ordering. This information is needed to provide a safe and good service. Read more about how we handle your data in our data policy below.

All personal information specified in the order form must be correct and belong to the person ordering the products. Leen is not responsible for missing delivery as a result of insufficient or incorrect information in the order form.

Leen aims to always keep the page updated for any changes in the product range, but we reserve the right to ensure that some products may be out of stock. Each restaurant is responsible for informing the customer about this and offering an alternative. Each restaurant has the ultimate responsibility for the quality of its products. If the customer has complaints about individual products, the customer should first address this with the individual restaurant.

All orders via Leen are binding. Payment is to be made in Swedish kronor.
All prices at Leen are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. The VAT on food is 12% at pick-up and drop-off and otherwise, the VAT is 25%. Receipt and VAT specification is obtained leen after a conducted order.

Leen and all the restaurants involved are aiming to offer the shortest possible delivery time and to always arrive on time. The delivery is generally handled by the restaurant. Delivery times vary for different times of the day and we reserve ourselves for any delays due to long order queue or traffic problems. For particularly long delivery times, the restaurant has the ultimate responsibility to inform the customer about this.
The customer is responsible for providing the correct address and contact information. If the customer cannot be reached at the specified telephone number, the order is incorrectly executed and no further delivery obligation exists. For non-delivery as a result of the customer being unable to be reached, no compensation is paid from Leen
Each restaurant has specific exit areas and the restaurant has the right to deny exit to areas outside these. Possible delivery costs are shown on the order and vary between different restaurants.

Order food does not apply for a right of withdrawal. Excerpt from the Consumer Agency’s information brochure on the Distance and Home Sales Act (PDF):
In the case of distance contracts and home sales agreements, you do not have a right of withdrawal if you buy food or other goods for a household’s regular consumption – this may be, for example, household paper, laundry detergent or heating oil – provided that the goods are delivered to your home or the workplace and the trader normally runs out the goods in a distribution system.

Leen stores the customer’s IP address and other valuable information about the customer’s Internet provider to be able to trace the customer in case of misuse of the service. We report to the police and investigate all types of abuse of our services at Leen.

Leen has the right to change these terms without obtaining your prior approval. Leen informs about the change at least one week before it comes into force. The information is provided on the website. By continuing to use Leen after the change takes effect, you approve the change.

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We follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.