We are leen.

The Company

Leen is the latest platform built by the Scandinavian software development company Ancon. With 30 years of experience in the industry,‚Äč we aim to transform and disrupt the world of hospitality Point-Of-Sale.

What we do

We develop software that we would like to use ourselves. Ordering food online should be easy. And it should be equally easy to manage it from the restaurant's side. Our goal is to develop software that helps restaurant owners thrive and their guests smile.

What we believe

We believe that every restaurant, no matter how big or small, deserves a world-class payment system that just works, silently and dependably, allowing them to focus on what they do best. We believe problems are to be solved. And no opportunity should be left without being explored. We believe that passion is an essential ingredient to success.

The leen leads

We are rapidly growing team of passionate individuals, with over 30 employees in four offices across Sweden. Here are just a few of the key people working to make leen better for you.

Mikke Selander

Mikke Selander

Chief Operating Executive
Mikke is passionate about building a business that empowers companies and mesmerizes individuals. He leads the product development of leen.
Christofer Skoogh

Christofer Skoogh

Managing Partner Partner
Christofer leads leen's sales force, getting the word out to help leen to empower more restaurants.
Mattias Delin

Mattias Delin

Chief Technology Officer
Mattias is a coding mastermind with a hunger for learning new things and creating scalable technology solutions.
Ida Karlsson

Ida Karlsson

Community Manager
Ida's mission is to create a fantastic leen community and build leen into the brand it deserves to be. Meet her on our social media.

Get in Touch

Contact us for information, suggestions or being one of the first to be a part of Leen.