Food ordering. Made simple.

The easier, quicker, smarter way to order your favourite meals from your favourite restaurants.

A world of food at your fingertips

Leen is an online ordering platform which makes it easy for you to order from your favourite restaurants—or even help you find a new favourite. Choose the restaurant that suits your mood, create your order, pay in the app and eat. Do it from home or at the restaurant. It's just that simple. (And if you own or run a restaurant, offering online ordering and payment couldn't be easier with leen's simple set-up and back-end management.)

leen re-order screen

Order it again. And again.

Leen remembers what you've ordered in the past and makes it easy to re-order with just a few taps. Want a salad instead of french fries this time, or your pizza with extra cheese but no hot peppers? Modifying your previous order is equally fast and simple.

Easy signup. Easy payments.

When you're hungry, the last thing you want is to deal with a messy sign-up process or complicated payment. Leen makes both easy, letting you focus on the important things: what to eat. Pay with ease with your bank or credit card or services like Klarna, Swish, ApplePay and Samsung.

New restaurants coming all the time

We will be adding new restaurants to the platform all the time. And if you can't find your favourite, let us (and them) know!

Help us make Leen even better

We are clever, but no geniuses​. Do you lack functionality? Please let us know, together we can build the product you want to use, every day.

An app focused on getting you the meal you crave. That's it.

We've created leen with a focus on simplicity and making it as quick and easy as possible to order what you want, the way you want it. No extra bells and whistles.

Save important addresses

Home. Work. Grandma's house. Wherever you order from, leen can keep track.

Hungry now? Or plan ahead.

Order for immediately delivery or pickup, or pre-order for later.


Easily find the restaurants that offer delivery to your address.


Skip the line and place your takeaway order before you've even arrived at the restaurant.

Table Order

Order from your table. Let the waiter bring the food. Easy!


Pay for the buffet or your drink from within the app. Show your phone and get your order.

Find your restaurant. Select your meal. Pay and enjoy. Easy.

leen screens